Funny japanese Spicy wasabi sushi prank


Pranks to the famous comedian in Japan Large amounts of wasabi be bad body! ? Please do not imitate!
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24 Responses to Funny japanese Spicy wasabi sushi prank

  1. 6oodfella says:

    Guy nearly chokes to death = Prank.

  2. ManicFOLLOWUP says:

    Wasabi is not THAT spicy o.O
    Though it might just be me

  3. TioliBoiFatz says:

    Asian ppl have a funny sense of humor. 

  4. bedheadboy says:

    Is he apologizing to the man next to him?

  5. OrodesIII says:

    This must be fake because the same guy is pranked in so many other videos.

  6. Lammy says:

    poor japanese guy =(

  7. Edd Lee says:

    I ve tasted wasabi for few times when i visit there, the heat its not like
    spicy chily sauce like ghost chily or jalapeño that *burn* your mouth. Its
    like a heat on the throat and its really annoying with bitterness, but im
    sure love their sushi and noodles xD

  8. Tuyen Lam says:

    that so so so s mean do not do that ever aging gosh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Ossie F says:

    damn I feel so bad for him

  10. sunydazergood says:

    poor guy, this wasn’t funny …sorry

  11. vintagerosenz says:

    Terrible. Could be allergic or have another condition and they could kill
    him. I think pranks are too dangerous. Funny. Yes they are. But also highly

  12. jackcarterog001 says:

    LOL. Lamest prank ever

  13. Sheila T says:

    wow. japanese people are so polite. He didn’t throw it in the towel he was

  14. Luca Leresche says:

    O no thats so hearth breaking!! and it seems to me he is just to polite to
    spit it out 

  15. Simon C says:

    this dude is in so many of these videos. Dude is either dumb as fuck and
    dont know he is getting pranked all the time or its just fake i would go
    with the second one. 

  16. Rem says:

    lol he was too scared that it’d be impolite to cough at first

  17. azngangsta37 says:

    the moment i saw a scoop of wasabi i was like this aint funny… and im
    asian and i dont think this is funny

  18. mattgotsskill says:

    i tried some that came with my sushi it was about a teaspoon of wasabi it
    was the most intence heat iv ever tasted, it hits your throat like liquid
    fire , i guess there is more then one type tho… some are hot … others

  19. YGS19 says:

    is the same guy of each prank ?????

  20. KnotOfWallflowers says:

    i love wasabiii yummy stuff XD

  21. franz Robochicken says:

    I would of spit that shit right out all over the place! Did you see how
    much Wasabi that was added!! That’s enough to make a Mexican say holy
    jalapen0oooOOOOOoooooo! LoL

  22. Allison Ou says:


  23. Michael T says:


  24. realPapaMidnight says:

    thats effed up. Someone would have to get a black eye

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