Spotlight On Sushi

Spotlight On Sushi   The thought of eating raw fish doesn’t appeal to some, but to others they love it. Many are concerned that it might not be safe, since it is More »

Funny japanese Spicy wasabi sushi prank

Pranks to the famous comedian in Japan Large amounts of wasabi be bad body! ? Please do not imitate! Video Rating: 4 / 5 More »

Thai and Japanese Restaurants to Visit in Dorset

Thai and Japanese Restaurants to Visit in Dorset Your Dorset holidays are memories to treasure forever, especially if you are with family and close friends. The diverse and captivating activities will ensure More »

Japanese Food – It’s Not All Sushi

Japanese Food – It’s Not All Sushi   When we think of Japanese food, we will invariably think of Sushi which many people in the UK and quite possibly throughout the western More »

Tuna cutting in Japanese sushi restaurant

Chief cuts tuna in Japanese sushi restaurant. First part is called ootoro (big toro), and is the most expensive part of the fish, the next (bigger) part take… Video Rating: 4 / More »


Japanese Cars

Japanese Cars Creativity and art are definitely some of the main values of Japanese products from electronic gadgets to fashion. However one of the most popular products that Japan can claim credit for are their cars. Until recently Japan held

Japanese voiceover

Japanese voiceover Choosing a voiceover talent for a project that is not in your native language can be difficult. You don’t speak the target language. So how do you know if the foreign language voiceover is correct? Many worldwide voiceover