Sushi Making in an Icelandic Factory


How a factory in Iceland make sushi for the mass market — From catching the fishes to the final products.
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Sushi Factory ‘Meet & Run’ 6 on the 7th of December 2013.
Video Rating: 5 / 5

26 Responses to Sushi Making in an Icelandic Factory

  1. Kirat Uv says:

    This makes me mad

  2. akiraman26 says:


  3. Edith Tuers says:

    Wow, i didnt even know they had this and im from Iceland. But… I dont eat
    sushi either so maybe thats why.

  4. pcfaulkner says:

    i like sushi had it fresh from a japanese resteraunt, it was ok

  5. Thordur Hognason says:

    i ate Icelandic sushi Yesterday,it was great.

  6. lisagurl534N says:

    For years the Japanese have made sushi by hand and now their making sushi
    by machines in Iceland?! What has this world gone to? Just kidding ;) but I
    like hand made sushi, it tastes of love and care :))

  7. legenddracula says:

    lol mechanics only help mass production. they dont make the sushi taste
    better. only japanese master can make the best sushi :)) lol everyone
    working at that factory can eat sushi everyday :D

  8. Triwood1973 says:

    Because I’m full Chinese!!!…lol!

  9. KewneRain says:

    This kinda falls into the “shame on you” category of things…

  10. KewneRain says:

    @ballen774 Just because you don’t like raw fish doesn’t mean all sushi is
    “gross.” There ARE vegetarian versions that are pretty good. I don’t like
    the idea of eating raw fish, so I get the vegetarian stuff.

  11. Rain's Production says:

    i like the fresh made ones D:

  12. joeyford says:

    This is depressing and I don’t even eat fish

  13. opi335 says:

    i like tuna sushi!

  14. monkeyboy4746 says:

    Frozen rice? Why don’t they just can it in a pull top can, that way you can
    sell it in a vending machine.

  15. ytertyu says:

    oh , great , one more national dish is screwed by greedy capitalist
    motherfuckers. .

  16. maisteri says:

    “And spare a thought for the non-prawns, that had been blown into
    oblivion.” :DD

  17. Clarrot says:

    Trust me, machine pressed rice falls apart easily, making it super messy to

  18. Maxwell Chen says:

    @littledustball its because its not fresh and the ingredients arnt that
    great in the quality aspect

  19. LadyDiamond33 says:

    i think freshly made ones are better:) its made with love lol

  20. Jach Chua says:

    at a certain temperature it doesnt

  21. PsychosomaticChick says:

    Meanwhile in Africa….

  22. HMCAMRM says:

    lol nah.. 4 real?

  23. benny704 says:

    wow, imagine being one of those workers. whats the suicide rate for them

  24. Mike Caddick says:

    WTF! People sleeping in beds instead of trees and eating their meat cooked
    instead of raw!! Thats just wrong!

  25. sukiyukie says:

    I wonder how they get tobbikko lol u kno da Japanese fish egg i think im
    not sure i just eat hahahha

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