Thai and Japanese Restaurants to Visit in Dorset


Thai and Japanese Restaurants to Visit in Dorset

Your Dorset holidays are memories to treasure forever, especially if you are with family and close friends. The diverse and captivating activities will ensure that there is an activity for every type of visitor. Booking one of the Dorset holiday cottages will make it convenient for you to tour the numerous tourists’ spots in Dorset. These fruitful happenings include assorted watersports, like diving, kayaking, sailing, swimming, surfing, fishing and cruising. There are also recreational events like golfing, adventure theme park rides, wall climbing and many more creative activities that your child can participate in. Beach hopping is also one of the most popular activities that vacationers delight in during their Dorset holidays. On top of all these mesmerizing happenings, do not forget to include sight-seeing in all of them. No matter what part of the county you go to, do not forget to enjoy sight-seeing. You may want to capture some scenes with a ready camera or video. Amidst all these, your body would need nourishment during your Dorset holidays. A variety of international cuisine can be found in plenty of restaurants in Dorset. If you want something exotic, you may want to try these Japanese and Thai restaurants, which serves authentic Japanese and Thai foods.

Thai Naikorn Restaurant

This restaurant is one of the international restaurants that provide customers with authentic Thai cuisine. Close to the Dorset holiday cottages, and located in Dorchester, this diner has an ambiance resembling Thai establishments with the distinct feel and national colour of Thailand. The Vegetarian Thai Nakorn Platter and the Satay Gai (grilled chicken with a generous paste of peanut sauce,) is a hit with tourists during their Dorset holidays. There lip-smacking and spicy vegetable dishes are cooked perfectly by the expert chef, who is the owner himself. Tasty and juicy meat dishes, like Peek Gai Laou Dang (chicken wings with red wine and sesame seeds,) which are cooked carefully to retain their natural taste and essential nutrients, are served for carnivorous guests, who would prefer meat over vegetables anytime. You may want to take back some food to the Dorset holiday cottages.

Nippon Inn

This Japanese inn is located in Bournemouth and can be reached easily from your Dorset holiday cottages. Anytime during your Dorset holidays, when you feel hungry, you may want to savour exotic Japanese foods which are known to have captivated foreigners to their Maki Sushi, Pork Katsu, Yakitori and Teriyaki Chicken.  If you are a vegetarian you can try its delicious Tofu Salad. The Sushi and Maki dishes are exceptional and come from fresh and newly prepared condiments and food source. The Japanese beer or sake is also worth a try for your palate. You may want to enjoy the fantastic dining experience with your family as another means to spend time with them during your holidays. Japanese food usually has a uniquely natural taste that can make you want some more to take back to your Dorset holiday cottages.


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