Tuna cutting in Japanese sushi restaurant


Chief cuts tuna in Japanese sushi restaurant. First part is called ootoro (big toro), and is the most expensive part of the fish, the next (bigger) part take…
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Dragon Sushi Roll Recipe - Japanese Food (delicious)

Dragon Roll Sushi Recipe – Delicious Food Art – How To Cook That. More delicious sushi recipes visit: http://MakeSushi.org In this video food recipe you will…
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50 Responses to Tuna cutting in Japanese sushi restaurant

  1. Catherine Yim says:

    Fuck the tuna, give me that knife!!!

  2. Marco túlio says:

    I just keep thinking if in another universe tunas are cutting humans like
    this guy is doing…

  3. thatkindofguy234 says:

    wtf I never thought a Tuna fish would be that big

  4. Crimtastic says:

    Hey vegans!
    Wtf are you doing watching a video of something you don’t like and the
    complain about it in the comments? :D

  5. Clyde Day says:

    If you watch videos about the Japanese fish market you see the worst thing.
    All the fish that are caught have their tails chopped off, and stuffed in
    their mouths. What kind of monster kills an animal, and then stuffs it’s
    ass in it’s mouth. Talk about humiliation.

  6. Melson903 says:

    its horrible :( and little kids are watching that terrifying spectacle poor
    aniamal ;((

  7. Beleth says:

    They are like the most enthusiastic people ever xD Love Japan <3

  8. FaCER says:

    im in the viral part of youtube again…

  9. Boğaçhan Doruk Turgut says:

    LMFAO It takes me goddamn 20 mins to cut a watermelon properly and this guy
    cuts the entire fish in less than 6 mins.

  10. FCValle says:

    there are more people bitching in this video than actual vegetarians.
    Something is not right there

  11. AveMaria82100 says:

    Wow. Are tuna normally that big?

  12. Star Sloth says:

    Stupid question, why is there no blood?

  13. Kuria Timon says:

    Whatever they do, Asians do it better!

  14. roflcopterkklol says:

    Is that knife made out of the steel from a samurai sword or something? it
    is amazing.

  15. Slimm Jimm says:

    Imagine what he could do if he had a good German steel knife.

  16. LigaBleeka says:

    Its funny how people always say how people in Africa are starving.Why don’t
    they just go to a fucking river or the ocean and go fishing!?

  17. Amarsh Bk says:

    Why do Americans has problem with Asians eating these fresh and healthy
    foods? At least it’s not those chemical foods and those fatty cheese 

  18. Alexander Gebauer says:

    Второе видео за сегодня о том, как разделывать тунца для суши-ресторана.
    Вот где поражаешься всему: традиции, уходящий столетия назад, если не
    больше, отточенной техники, хорошо заточенному ножу, простых, проверенных
    веками приспособлений, где нет ничего лишнего, простоте операций, за
    которыми стоит опыт и мастерство, непринуждённая атмосфера базара,
    состоящая в диалоге продавца и покупателя, и… Разве, всё перечислишь? Я
    как кок-дилетант просто балдею от этого.

  19. JeffJK says:

    Makes me want to bite a chunk out of the damn thing., just needs soy sauce.

  20. Phil McCracken says:

    Bullshit asshole no one likes the tuna here

  21. jason antigua says:

    If I used the kitchen knives I have on this Tuna it’d look like fucking
    road kill ! I must invest in some good quality kitchen knives.

  22. ghoa8630 says:

    Pesky ecoterrorists are everywhere these days. sigh…

  23. Diego Pintos says:

    All these veggies commenting here if you guys don’t eat meat WTF are you
    doing here Go and Watch you vegetables dishes videos

  24. Joseph Damiano says:

    notice the guy staring in the store window in the background.

  25. Joe Han says:

    Dang.. That’s so weird that tunas have ice cubes in their bodies, I never
    knew that! I can’t wait to be a sushi chef!

  26. Tai Nguyen says:

    Wow!!!! I used to work at a sushi restaurant and your Dragon roll blows
    theirs out of the water. Chef Davy you are so creative!!

  27. FoxMaccloud says:

    Instead, can i use teryaki chicken and teryaki sauce???

  28. arisanaomi says:

    Stop saying “like so” after everything.

  29. Linda Poore says:

    I made this dragon for party tonight! It was very well received. Thank you!
    Wish I. Knew how to post you a picture, you’d be proud I think.

  30. thyranusrex says:

    The best!!!! congrats. and thanks for sharing.

  31. munphkin plays minecraft 〈3 says:

    *puts duck tape on on sushi * close enough

  32. john polster says:


  33. Daniel Iddo Abera Balcha says:

    Beautiful hands and fingers! who doesn’t want to eat from them? Do you use
    special hand cream Dav?

  34. yuexkyo2 says:

    I can’t do this one. I’d end up serving the sushi without the unagi part.
    They’re so good!

  35. 虎彻启林 says:


  36. RestaurantMusic says:

    This is a very nice roll. But using the whole half of the unagi? How much
    is this roll going to cost? Because half of the eel already cost almost 10

  37. Bert heeswijk says:

    Do you have any children ❓❓❓❓

  38. Cajun TV Network says:

    Looks Great!

  39. Stefanie Williams says:

    86 degrees is not even hot that’s warm…

  40. Amblix says:

    there are so many dragons all around us

  41. Khanh Nguyen says:

    Hi Chef. You got a new subscriber here. I am a sushi-aholic and all of your
    work are beyond making food, it’s ART!!! The thing is if I have the
    chances to be offered your sushi, I think I cant even think of eating them
    because they’re all too beautiful to be consumed !!!!! I have a question:
    Have you ever been to Japan before?

  42. Zac L. says:

    Hey, I enjoy watching your videos very much. I live in Southwest Florida
    and I catch all sorts of fish that are just great for eating raw. I am
    curious to the knife make you use, what brand are they? I can see a
    beautiful temper mark on all of them,and when you slice the veggies i can
    see that they are high-carbon knives. Thanks!

  43. critter spigot says:

    Ugh, God, the food porn is killing me. This looks so beautiful and
    delicious. Not helping my sashimi and sushi craving at all. Need to go into
    the city to get some. 

  44. mackenzie yonge says:

    Looks good , but by the time one is finished making this roll the nori
    would be so soggy and soft that it would be like chewing rubber bands.
    Simple fast and fresh is the key to delicious sushi. Over the top
    presentation equates to a soggy sushi experience for the amateur “sushi

  45. CreepKing says:

    30 degrees Celsius (86 degrees Fahrenheit) is not that bad where I live in
    Texas that’s warm it gets to about 107 degrees Fahrenheit 

  46. Glen Craft says:

    Wow thank you for showing me how to make this you really help me impressed
    all my friends. :] also congrats on having over 100,000 subscribers.

  47. Laurie Montague says:

    how many fucking times do you have to say perfect

  48. Saint Louis GamingTV says:

    This is pretty awesome! I gave you a thumbs up!!!!

  49. Loan Ton says:

    amazing looks very good

  50. Cash Henderson says:


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